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Regulation (2011 edition)

Article 1. The mathematical treasure hunt is a free contest organized by the French organizations les Amis des Jeux Mathématiques and le Comité International des Jeux Mathématiques during the French Science Days 2011.

Article 2. The mathematical treasure hunt is open to everyone. Only one entry per person will be accepted (same name or same e-mail address). You may participate individually or in teams of at most five people recommended.

Article 3. Two categories are proposed : "Youngs" and "Open". The category "Youngs" is open only to High School students.

Article 4. Registrations are made only through Internet on the treasure hunt website (http://treasurehunt.cijm.org).

Article 5. The treasure hunt has three steps.

Article 6. The first step consist in solving the game Potions of Pr. Cijimus.

Article 7. The second step takes place during the French Science Days on the website from 2 to 15 October 2011.

Article 8. The players having given the good answer to Potions of Pr. Cijimus will gradually discover other games to solve.

Article 9. The players having solved enough games will be qualified to the third step.

Article 10. The (optional) third step takes part (only in French) Sunday, October 16, 2011 in Paris. It begins at 10 am and ends at 3:30 pm.

Article 11. A jury appointed by the French organization les Amis des Jeux Mathématiques establishes four rankings. Any claim made by e-mail to treasurehunt@cijm.org will be studied by the jury. No claims will be accepted after 4 pm, 15 October 2011.

Article 12. Any player who does not observe the regulation (cheating, more than one account, ...) shall be disqualified on the jury's decision. He will have the oportunity to discuss with the jury by e-mail. Ultimately, the jury's decision will apply.

Article 13. The first two rankings known as "the mathematician adventurer" ("Youngs" and "Open" categories) will be based on the order in which the teams have completed the third step as well as the answers to the games.

Article 14. Two other rankings known as "the mathematician net surfer" ("Youngs" and "Open" categories) will be based on the number and difficulty of games solved during the second step.

Article 15. Prizes will be awarded according to rankings. No participant may receive more than one prize. When applicable, the largest prize will be awarded.

Article 16. The awards ceremony takes place Sunday, October 16, 2011 at 5 pm in Paris. Prizes can be sent by post.

Article 17. The regulation can be adapted by the jury, if necessary. Whenever possible and if the amendment of the regulation is important, registered participants will be notified by e-mail.

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